【T-73 Large Transparent Porcelain Plate Rack】3
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【T-73 Large Transparent Porcelain Plate Rack】 1042

【T-73 Large Transparent Porcelain Plate Rack】

  • ★ Large transparent plate rack   size approx.: 25*17*30 cm
    ★Medium transparent plate rack size approx.: 18*12*20 cm
    ★ Small transparent plate rack   size approx.: 12* 7*12 cm

    This stand is an all-in-one imitation wood folding swing stand that opens at a 90-degree angle. It is made of high-quality new PP casting. The folding part is integrated with riveting and is not easy to break. It is stronger, more beautiful, and more stable than ordinary plastic stands. Widely used in home accessories, daily necessities, handicrafts, etc. It can be used as plates, photo frames, tea cakes, electronic human scales, medals, mobile phones, tablets, digital electronic products, clocks, ceramic tiles, game battle cards,  mirrors, charcoal carvings and other items that can be placed on a stand for display purposes.

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