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[TC-5 Pigeon Postman] Electronic toy, electronic core, light, flash, action, remote control, shadow control, voice control, touch control, inertia, pull back, sliding, gear, winding, hardware, soft and hard plastic

Brief description: Use environmentally friendly ATBC plastic, which is not easy to break, discolor and harm the body. Creative design and production of annual series of products.
Let your mascot do your advertising and marketing for you.

[P-35 Simulated King Penguin] This series is specially designed and produced for theme parks, tourist attractions, company logos and marketing mascots. It has wide benefits and long-term effect.

★Size:14*10*30 cm
★The R&D team of our factory follows the pace of innovation and loads clothing and hats with LOGO, festival celebrations, and animal elements into series marketing tools.
★Professional in selling toys and gifts both domestically and abroad, all importers and exporters are welcome to consult.