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[TS-21 Japanese Camellia Doll] Bobblehead design Pattern making Injection Blow molding Vinyl injection Electroplating Painting Wood grain Neon color Jade Pad Hot Stamping Transfer printing Assembly

Brief description: High-end professional R&D team gives products unlimited room for value-added, Top workmanship in the field of dolls. Limited production worthy of appreciation. Difficult and artistic collection series products with exquisite conception and unparalleled craftsmanship.

[D-59 Stop, Watch, Listen to Traffic Messenger, Set of 3] Bobblehead Design Pattern Making Injection Blow Molding Vinyl Oil Injection Electroplating Painting Wood Grain Neon Jade Pad Printing Hot Stamping Transfer Printing Assembly

Brief description: Size:30*29*10cm
The company's tourist attraction animal park, mascot Logo is integrated into the spirit of the doll, commemorating marketing and time-effectiveness. The longer it is, the more rare it becomes.