[TH-040 Bobblehead Gangster Figure]3
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[TH-040 Bobblehead Gangster Figure] 807

[TH-040 Bobblehead Gangster Figure]

[Taikai Factory] #TH-040 bobblehead gangster doll, creative car blessing, safe decoration, head can be shaken, cute appearance, diverse styles, very suitable for placement in cars, boats or table decorations, and suitable for advertising and marketing mascots

1. Brand: tktg TKTG Taikai Factory
2. Product name: Flocking bobble head gangster doll for cars and ships
3. Size: 11.5*6*13.5cm
4. Features: No need for sunlight, battery, all year round.
5. Scope of application: small office healing objects in the shaking car and ship space.
6. Made of environmentally friendly ATBC soft and hard plastic, it is not easy to break and peel off the paint and hurt the body.
7. Innovate the vinyl industry with low creation costs, excellent efficiency, competitive unit prices, and scalable products.
8. Use high-end craftsmanship to simulate the characteristics of various animals and plants to make various creative products that help smooth thinking and are pleasing to the eye. They are indeed the best choice for gifts to relatives and friends.
9. Skilled workers in Dongguan, Guangdong factory: 500 people.
10. Creative design and production of three-dimensional animals and plants, customized cartoons, film and television attractions, souvenirs, and auspicious prayer sketches.