GE-2 Big Penguin Cell Phone Holder3
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GE-2 Big Penguin Cell Phone Holder 598

GE-2 Big Penguin Cell Phone Holder

Brief description: Q version of the shape, easy to place and use, car, boat, office desk, corporate , company store marketing gift

1.Brand: TKTG tktg Taikai Factory
2.Product name: Big Penguin Cell Phone Holder
3.Size: 7*8*7cm
4.Features: The double-sided tape is washable and reusable and must be cleaned and moved every three months.
5.Applicable scope: vehicles, boats, idle, offices, desks, gifts
6.Children's scenic amusement park, PUB, B&B, hotel, nightclub, hotel store, hotel theme animal park, museum, attractions, specialties, souvenirs, karaoke, karaoke bar, marketing dolls.
7.Keychain, luggage tag, coin purse, bead chain jewelry, piggy bank, earring clip, stress reliever, perpetual calendar.
8.Mobile phone accessories, patented mobile phone, pins, sheaths, glasses, patented mobile phone holders, computer accessories, PC peripherals.
9.Parent-child bathroom children's toys, dolls, floating water spray toys, beach toys, shaped tissue boxes, bath bottles, soap boxes, towel racks.
10.Hardware, plastic, electronic injection, painting, electroplating, wood grain, neon color, flocking, jade, pad printing, hot stamping, transfer printing.