[GE-1 Giant Panda Cell Phone Holder]3
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[GE-1 Giant Panda Cell Phone Holder]

Brief description: Size: 8*7*7.5 cm. R&D, design, pattern making, mass production and testing by electronics professionals to ensure consistent product quality, innovation, practicality and beauty.

1.Brand:TKTG  Taikai Factory
2.Nature of business: Can undertake domestic and foreign OEM ODM large and small orders, design, pattern making, patent application, mass production and assembly one-stop service. We sincerely welcome inquiries.
3.Feature:Made of non-Poly resin, it is not easy to break. fade or cause cut. It saves on packaging and shipping costs. There are no disputes in online transactions.
4.Applicable Scope:
Indoor and outdoor, gardens, bedroom, dining rooms, bathrooms, amusement park, themed amusement zoo area, educational model display, watching performance, football games.
Online games, animation, film & TV, board games, food & toys, trick, gacha, puzzle, video games, cartoons, healing, models, dolls, leisure, entertainment, storage.
crafts, commodities, corporate gifts, wall hanging decoration, bottle, can, and cup holder.
Souvenirs, birthday, children's gift, graduation, valentine's day commemorations, sports, wedding banquets, annual party supplies, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Carnival.
Vinyl, Presser, Injection Molding Machine, Blow Molding, Dispending, Die Casting, Alloy, Soft & Hard Hollow Solid Composite Materials PVC ATBC PP PE PC ABS PS 475, Acrylic, Silicone.
Electronic movement, light, flash, action, remote control, video control, touch control, inertia, pull back, sliding, gear, winding.
Hardware, Plastic, Electronic, Oil Injection, Painted, Electroplating, Wood Grain, Neon, Jade, Pad Printing, Hot Stamping, Transfer Printing.