[TS-007 Tiger Brown Bear]3
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[TS-007 Tiger Brown Bear] 478

[TS-007 Tiger Brown Bear]

The concept of using vinyl eco- friendly, non-toxic, carring for the earth and sustainable. Compared with the cumbersome packaging and bulky transportation of ordinary Polly, it can be said to be unique and ingenious.

  1. Brand: TKTG tktg Taikai Factory 
  2. Product name: Tiger Brown Bear
  3. Size: 23*8*14.5cm 
  4. Features: Brand limited collections 
  5. Scope of application: Collection series, treasures, decorations, gifts. 
  6. Hardware, electronics, fuel injection, painting, structure and functionality, difficult to mass produce. 
  7. Auction, collection and decorations. The longer the investment value increases, the more rare it becomes. Dealers are welcome to join. 
  8. A small collection can bring infinite joy to your work, and your ever-changing styles can make your life infinitely more brilliant. 
  9. Artwork design 3D model actual 1:1 exquisite mass production Entertainment Stress Relief Companion Graduation souvenir Valentine’s gift. 
  10. Mascots, weddings, festivals, parties, birthdays, annuals, football, baseball, rugby, sports stars, PVC plastic, zodiac signs, entertainment series. 
  11. Gifts Super Q simulation modeling Painted Realistic Lifelike Vinyl Presser Injection molding Blow molding Dispensing Die casting Alloy Soft and hard hollow solid composite material PVC ATBC PP PE PC ABS PS 475 Acrylic silicone. 
  12. You can DIY by yourself. If adopted by the company, we can discuss cooperation.